Your report will contain something known as an RS number (or RSID). This is an accession number used by biology researchers and databases to refer to specific SNPs (specific genetic variants). The term RSID stands for Reference SNP cluster ID.

A SNP refers to a location in the human genome that is known to vary between individuals. When a SNP is identified by researchers, they generate a report that includes the DNA sequence (the sequence of A, T, G and C bases) that immediately surround the SNP and send it to the dbSNP database. If more than one overlapping report is sent to the dbSNP database, then the reports are merged into the same Reference SNP cluster, which is then assigned a unique RSID.

Genetic analysis studies known as 'Genome-wide association studies' that associate SNPs with particular traits or conditions (such as possessing blue eyes or having an increased predisposition towards developing type 2 Diabetes) report their results by RSID. The RSID numbers for SNPs will be shown in your report and their significance explained.

Below is an example report entry:

FOX03 associated Longevity

Category = Longevity

RSID/SNP = rs2764264

Chromosome(s) = [ "CC" ]


Your result

You carry the C;C variant of the FOX03 gene (rs2764264). This variant is associated with increased longevity. An association that is particularly striking in males. For example a study using case-control and longitudinal data from more than 1,000 Danish men and women revealed that those who had lived for more than 90 years, especially males, had an increased likelihood of possessing one or more of the C alleles (C;T or C;C) of the rs2764264 variant of FOXO3.


Importance of this gene

The FOXO3 protein regulates several genes that are responsible for the regulation of cell division (mitosis), resistance to oxidative stress (protection against free radicals), metabolism, and DNA repair. Several other variants of FOXO3 have also been associated with longevity in humans. For example, an association of the FOXO3A locus with extreme longevity in a southern Italian centenarians.



Soerensen, M., Dato, S., Christensen, K., McGue, M., Stevnsner, T., Bohr, V.A. and Christiansen, L., 2010. Replication of an association of variation in the FOXO3A gene with human longevity using both case–control and longitudinal data. Aging cell, 9(6), pp.1010-1017.

Anselmi, C.V., Malovini, A., Roncarati, R., Novelli, V., Villa, F., Condorelli, G., Bellazzi, R. and Puca, A.A., 2009. Association of the FOXO3A locus with extreme longevity in a southern Italian centenarian study. Rejuvenation research, 12(2), pp.95-104.

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