To obtain your Athanasia Personalised Health and Lifespan Report, you will need to upload your raw DNA data from the company who performed your Genetic sequencing. We currently support AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and MyHeritage. You then simply upload your file to our site to obtain additional DNA analysis. 

Below are instructions for downloading your raw data file from the 3 providers that we currently support.

How to download data from 23andme

1. Sign in to your 23andme account

23andme download instructions. Step 1

2. Click on your Account tab on top-right - Browse Raw Data - Download - And download the file to your computer or phone

23andme download instructions. Step 2

3. Scroll down to the “Request your raw data download” section. Opt-in consent, and click “Submit request”

23andme download instructions. Step 3

4. You will receive a 23andme email after a few minutes with a download link. Once you receive the email, download the raw DNA data file. It will be a zip file. You just open the zip file and upload the file within via our Upload link. Then within a minute your will have your Personalised Report.

For Instructions on How to download data from Ancestry

Click Here

For Instructions on How to download data from MyHeritage

Click Here