Dr Mark D'Arcy


Jussi Heinonon


Dr Mark D'Arcy (Science Director) Jussi Heinonen (Technical Director)

Athanasia Genetics are a Genome Analysis company. Our purpose is to provide interpretation of genetic data generated from 23andme, ancestry or MyHeritage raw DNA data. Our focus is specifically on providing information related to Healthspan Lifespan, and Nutrition.

Any raw genomic data uploaded to our server is anonymised so that it is no longer linked to any individual. Our server is secure and our data protected at all times.

The data reports have been produced by Dr Mark D'Arcy (BSc, MSc, PhD), and researched thoroughly for accuracy. Note however that our reports are not intended as medical advice. They are for reference purposes only. If you have any medical problems, please consult your doctor.

Athanasia Genetics is registered in The United Kingdom. Company number: 14146818 

If you have any questions, then please drop us a message using our Contact page