Here at Athanasia Genetics, we pride ourselves on providing the most cutting edge analysis of your 23andme, ancestry and MyHeritage data in order to provide specific information to help you to make the right dietary and behavioural choices, and by doing so, to optimise your health and lifespan.

For just $25 (aprx £20), you will gain a deeper insight into your genetic profile. Receiving valuable and detailed reports into traits such as:

  • Covid-19 susceptibility
  • Longevity associated genetic traits
  • Ability to absorb key vitamins, such as vitamin D and B12
  • Cancer, Diabetes and Alzheimer's risk factors
  • Cardiovascular health

And much, much more.......

Dr Mark S D'Arcy

Founder of Athanasia Genetics

"If you've had your DNA tested by a heritage or family history site you're only getting half the story. Athanasia Genetics took my file and almost instantly gave me a thorough, interesting and valuable report, backed up by solid citations. A great service at a very reasonable cost."

Peter Draper, Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines

"Like many people I suspect, I took a DNA Test with Ancestry because I was curious about where my ancestors originally came from - and the possibility of discovering previously unknown relatives. Having absorbed that information, I began to wonder whether there were any longer term health indications I could obtain from my DNA. Frustratingly, at the time there were none. Then I came came across Athanasia on Twitter. I uploaded my raw DNA data to their site and within minutes received my detailed report. Whilst not intended for medical purposes, it does give me a good indication of where my health susceptibilities and strengths lie genetically and how I might mitigate the negative aspects. Well recommended for the curious""

Alan T, Merseyside, UK


Included in the report, will be a breakdown of dietary and lifestyle choices to help overcome any negative genetic factors in order to optimise your health and get the most out the genes that nature gave you.

Benefits of using our service

• DNA sequencing can help identify genetic risk factors for various diseases and conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, and inherited disorders.

• DNA sequencing can aid in the diagnosis and treatment of genetic conditions or disorders.

• DNA sequencing can help predict an individual's response to certain medications and guide personalised treatment plans.

• DNA sequencing can help identify potential genetic vulnerabilities, such as sensitivity to certain environmental exposures.

• DNA sequencing can help advance scientific research by providing information about the genetics of different populations and the evolution of species.

To generate your report, just click on the below link. You will need to first download your 23andme or ancestry file as a .txt or csv file. We will need this to analyse your genome. You can do that from the company website. If it is downloaded as a zip file, please extract the file rather than uploading the entire zip.


Upload and Analyse your Genome

If you have any questions, then please drop us a message using our Contact page

Athanasia Genetics is registered in the United Kingdom. Company number: 14146818

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